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Mother, Prince, Thumbelina, Frog, Frog Son, Frog Daughter, Fish, Butterfly, Beetle, Beetle sister 1, Beetle sister 2, Field mouse, Mole, Swallow, Narrators 1-23

Scene 1

(outdoors) Narrator 1: Once upon a time there was a lonely woman who longed to have a child to call her own. Narrator 2: One day she paid a visit to a good enchantress who gave her a tiny barleycorn. “Plant it in a flowerpot,” she said, “and see what happens.” Narrator 3: The woman did as she told and by and by it began growing into a beautiful flower. Narrator 4: Inside the flower was the tiniest, loveliest girl there ever was. Mother: Oh, what a pretty flower. Thumbelina: [Yawns.] Hello, mother. Mother: I will call you Thumbelina.

Song # 1 (Company) “Thumbelina”-Prologue Narrator 5: The woman loved Thumbelina with all her heart and took very good care of her. And every night the woman would read a story to her tiny, little girl. MOTHER Now here’s a story about the noble dog who saved the king from the wicked wizard. Once upon a time— THUMBELINA Oh, mother please… Are there any stories about – about little people? MOTHER Well, as a matter of fact there are, Thumbelina. Look. THUMBELINA Whoa! They are little, just like me. But – but what are those? MOTHER They’re wings, Thumbelina. These are fairies. And fairies have wings so they can fly. THUMBELINA Mother, have you ever seen a fairy? MOTHER Well, I thought I did once. THUMBELINA Really? MOTHER Yes, and here the fairy prince and princess are having a wedding. (pointing to picture) THUMBELINA And they live happily ever after? MOTHER [Laughs.] Usually, dear. Go to sleep now…Goodnight.

Thumbelina: I wonder if there really are such things as fairies. Hmmm. I’m too excited to sleep! I like singing songs. I’ll sing a song to put me to sleep. Song # 2 (Thumbelina Only)-Lady Bird Prince: Whoa – Oh. Hello. What a beautiful voice. I wonder who she is. (to Thumbelina) Hello… THUMBELINA You’re… Oh! You’re one of them! Prince Uh, I beg your pardon? THUMBELINA I thought I was the only one my size in the whole world. Hello, my name is Thumbelina, how do you do, sir? Prince Thumbelina, it’s a lovely name. THUMBELINA Thank you. Could you tell me about the fairy court? Is there a prince? Prince: Yes…? THUMBELINA: He must terribly handsome. Prince: Oh, he is. Thumbelina: Strong and brave. Prince: None like him. THUMBELINA: I would love to meet the prince.

Prince: Oh, I’ll tell him…(laugh) I’m the Prince. THUMBELINA: You are? WOW!!! Your Majesty…(bowing) Prince: Would you like to come to my kingdom? Everyone is just as small as you! Thumbelina: Yes! I would love to come see your kingdom. Prince: Great! I will come and get you tomorrow night! Narrator 6: But that night a toad stole her away Thumbelina: (crying) What are you doing? Where are you taking

me? Toad Mom: I’m taking you to my son. Narrator 7: The toad trapped Thumbelina on a lily pad so she could

not get away. Toad Mom: You will marry my son!

Toad Son: I don’t want to get married mom! Toad Mom: Too bad! Song #3 (Frogs and Chorus)-They’re Gettin’ Hitched Thumbelina: (crying) Oh no! Your son is horrible! I don’t want to

marry a frog. Toad Daughter: Stay here while we get things together for the wedding. Narrator 8: A fish heard Thumbelina crying and nibbled the lily pad

to set her free.

Fish: (whispering) Thumbelina, Thumbelina! Don’t cry. I will save

you. Thumbelina: (smiling) Thank you, Fish! Narrator 9: But then she started down the river out of control. When

Thumbelina floated away, a beautiful butterfly came by. Butterfly: Hello, Thumbelina. Hold on to this string and I will pull

you along until you are safe. Thumbelina: How kind of you. Thank you, Butterfly! Narrator: Then suddenly, a beetle swooped down and grabbed

Thumbelina. Thumbelina: (frightened) Help! Help me! Bitsy Beetle: I am taking you to my sisters in Beetle Borough.

They’ll like you. Narrator 10: But the beetle’s sisters thought she was ugly. Song #4 (Beetles and chorus) U.G.L.Y Betty Beetle: She doesn’t look like a Beetle…I don’t want her here. Betsy Beetle: Me either…take her away Bitsy…she’s not welcome. Bitsy Beetle: Good bye now. My sisters don’t like you. I’ll leave you

here on this Daisy. Narrator 11: All summer, she listened happily to the birds singing

sweetly, so she was happy, but winter soon came along.

Thumbelina: It’s getting colder. I need to find somewhere warm to

stay or I’ll freeze. Narrator 12: Thumbelina walked in the snow. She tried to find some

place warm. She felt pretty sad. She felt as if she no longer had a home. Song #5 (Thumbelina) what will become of me Thumbelina: Oh, I’m freezing. Help me! Narrator 13: Just then, a field mouse came and rescued her. Field mouse: You can stay with me, but as payment you must

marry my friend, the mole. He lives underground in the dark. He is very lonely. Thumbelina: (crying) Oh no … not again! Why does everyone want

to marry me? Narrator 14: It was too cold outside, so Thumbelina had to stay with

the field mouse, she didn’t have any choice. Narrator 15: The field mouse took Thumbelina underground to

meet the mole. Field mouse: Hi, Mole. This is Thumbelina and she is going to

marry you. Mole: She is beautiful. Thank you, Field mouse. Hello,

Thumbelina! Thumbelina: (sadly) Hello.

Narrator 16: Then the mole showed Thumbelina a dead swallow at

the end of his tunnel. Mole: Look at this…it is a gross bird! Thumbelina: Don’t say that. Please! Mole: It’s okay. He’s already dead. Thumbelina: Poor bird… Thank you for singing so sweetly to me

last summer. Narrator 17: Thumbelina made a blanket and covered the swallow. Thumbelina: It will keep you warm. Swallow: (moving) Mmmmm! Thumbelina: Oh my! You are alive! But your wing is torn. Narrator 18: Thumbelina nursed the swallow better until springtime. Narrator 19: Now it is springtime. The swallow was strong

enough to leave. Swallow: Thank you for taking care of me, but I must go. Birds are

not made to be under ground. Neither are tiny girls…What will you do, Thumbelina? Thumbelina: (sadly) I must stay here. The field mouse is planning

my wedding to the miserable mole. I wanted to see the fairy kingdom the prince told me about…but it looks like I’ll never see it or him again…(crying) Swallow: I know the fairy prince! I will try to find him! Thank you again for

helping me, Thumbelina. Good bye.

Narrator 20: The day before her wedding, Thumbelina took a long,

last look at the outside world. Thumbelina: I’ll miss this beautiful land and blue sky. Narrator 21: Thumbelina would live underground from then on. But

just then, the swallow saw her and flew down. Swallow: Dear Thumbelina, come with me! Thumbelina: Okay, I will. Narrator 22: Thumbelina climbed onto the swallow’s back. They

flew over fields, seas, and mountains. Thumbelina: Thank you for saving me, Swallow! Swallow: You’ll be safe here, Thumbelina. This is the Fairy

Kingdom. Thumbelina: It is? Narrator 23: The prince heard Thumbelina’s voice. Prince: Thumbelina! I have been searching for you for so long! I’m glad you are here and safe! I wish to marry you! Thumbelina: Does that mean we will live happily ever after? Prince: Oh, much longer than that. Narrator 23: And Thumbelina did live happily ever after, with her Prince. She got to spend time with her friend the swallow and visit her mother very often. She was home at last.

Song #6 (Company)-I’m finally home