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ACKNOWLEDGEMENT; We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Sir Bilal Khan for giving us the opportunity to undergo this project. We further thank him for lending a helping hand when it comes to solving our problem regarding this project. This project would not have been completed even possible without his valuable time and support. We also thank Dr SAJID Ali for his presence and support for his students. Humble thanks to the Head of Department Dr RIAZ HUSSAIN for his unpredictable recommendations about using lab and utilizing chemicals available at Lab which is highly appreciable. * Any suggestion to improve is always welcomed*

To whom it may concern; I DR BILAL, hereby authorized the following students, to conduct a comparative study on detergents. I acocked these students to make a project and introduce your project (detergent) in front of others to motivate them. Any and all acts carried by them were authorized by me.

Name of students; 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Muhammad Kamal Huma Sajjad Muhammad Usama Maoud Sadaf Noor HumairaTassaduq


ABSTRACT; With the increase in per capita income and the range of choices being available the main focus of consumer is on product quality and price range. With competition at its all-time peak and with changing trends in demand, the companies find it hard to survive or to retain their repute to customers. By intense observation on these problems, we tried to lure our customers/consumers by maintaining quality assurance and quality control. Minimized as possible the product price and made it authentically. We have tried to find out how these

factors confining ourselves to the detergent market of Pakistan, and many other factors affect the demand of consumers for detergents.

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY ; This is based on our research work on detergents. It made us go to households and interact to find out the consumers problems while buying a laundry detergent every month. Our objectives were to find out what are the main features consumers look in detergents while buying, brand loyalty towards a particular brand major reasons for switching from one brand to another. To gather the data we use questionnaires, we also used the internet to find out about our detergent industries and various brand available.These brands launched their detergent as surf excel Brite, Arial etc. Also despite powder detergent, detergents bars are used with 43 % comprising of market share and the powder enjoying the rest 57 %. The brand which is tapped in Pakistan is surf excel .with a tag line “daagh to achy hotyhain.No doubt a beautiful and motivating tagline to remove discrimination. But the problem here is the price tag of this detergent which is impossible to afford a middle-class and lower class. So how can they wipe out discrimination, among people? So we figure out a strategy to help our community. This strategy is the base of our project. The research design used in our research was descriptive incorporating knowledge from secondary information analysis. A calculative and quantitative research method is used to meet our objectives.

INTRODUCTION: Definition: A detergent is a surfactant, or a mixture of surfactants and detergents. Surfactants are compounds that lower surface tension of a liquid , like water. Term detergent means cleaning agents.

TYPES OF DETERGENTS: On the base of charge there are three types 1. ANIONIC 2. CATIONIC 3. ETHOXYLATES Detergents are commonly delivered as Powder or liquids.







$260-680 (Per 10 Metric Tons)

Foshan Nanhai Xuzhan Detergent Factory



$0.01-2.00 Per 500 bags (each 500 gm)

Shanwai Honghui Daily Appliance Co. Ltd.





$100-200 Per 10 Metric Tons $2-9 Per 10 Metric Tons

Guangdong China (Mainland). Guangzhou Mengya Trade CO. Ltd.



$3.33-7.54 Per 1250 packs



$0.07-0.08 Per 1250 packs

Shanwai Honghui Daily Appliance Co. Ltd. Huizhou Konje Detergent & Cleaning Products.









$7.99-8.00 PER 60120 PIECES $450.00-750 PER 25 TONS $485 PER 5 METRIC TONS $420-720 PER METRIC TONS



PAKISTANI BRANDS: SR. NO. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10



Snow White Ariel Sunlight Surf Excel Rin Express Power Brite Bonus Hero Jag Mug

130 per 500gm 135 per 500gm 135 per 500gm 140 per 500gm 130 per 500gm 130 per 500gm 140 per 500gm 120 per 500gm 13 per 500gm 100 per 500gm


Materials: 1. Soda Ash Formula: LITERATURE REVIEW; Detergents were developed due to problems that occurred when organic soap was used in areas of hard water. Hard water contains the ions of calcium and magnesium in high amounts and these are substituted on the soap molecule in place of sodium.The salts of calcium and magnesium are insoluble and precipitate that”s what leaves a ring around the bath. The first synthetic detergent developed following the 1ST war by the GERMANS, so that fat could be used for this purpose. First, synthetic detergentwas, short chain alkyl napthalensulphonates”.which was later discovered as moderate good detergent and was improved. In the 1920s and 30s, century straight chain alcohols were sulphonated to give straight chain detergents. In the 30s the long chain alkyl and aryl sulphonates with benzene as the aromatic nucleus were developed. More recently the limiting factor that affected the production of specific detergents were the

availability of raw material. This leads to the development of IGEPON compounds in Germany and the USA. Between 1950 and 1965 more than half of the detergents were based on a propylene tetramer coupled to Benzene (PT BENZENE) but they were later blamed for a rise of eutrophication in lakes and streams because they contain phosphates (from Sodium triphosphate). This problem has not been resolved. Laundry Detergent or washing powder is a substance which is a type of detergent that is added when one is washing laundry to help get the laundry cleaner. With a new effort of green ecofriendly products, these soap nuts are becoming popular all over the world. In some countries where washing through hands is more popular detergent bars are more popular. Recently environmentally friendly detergents have enjoyed a surge in publicity.

RESEARCH GAP;  In the literature review, we have found the various research papers about previous research but did not find any research was done on study on customers preferences and satisfaction about detergent powder especially in DERA GHAZI KHAN area.we were done our research project on a study of customers preferences and satisfaction about detergent powder.

RESEARCH OBJECTIVES; The following project has been given to us in order to make us understand the environment of market products which is the purpose of conducting the subject. The subject of our study the products made us go and interact with households and know their buying behavior, the restrictions, preferences and expectations from detergents they use. In our study we defined our research objectives as follows;      

To find customer preference in the forms of detergents. A number of time they purchase a product in a month. To find various ways by which the customers wash their clothes. To find the brand requirements of the customers To find the qualities they look while buying a detergent To study the reasons why they prefer this brand.

These objectives hence set paved the way for our exhaustive research that we conducted in orders to accomplish our project.


In our marketing research, we have used a descriptive design.In this design, we have used a cross-sectional design which involves the collection of information from any sample of the population at once.



We collect primary data during the course of doing an experiment by understanding the exact quality to make beneficial detergent.In orders to the descriptive type, we perform a survey whether the sample survey is census based. We asked different questions to people at homes, students in the university, to find the quality of different detergents and then hand over our product to different students in zoology and chemistry department to find their reviews. The supervisor Dr Bilal also used this product and gave census-based comments. We also obtained data through questionnaire.

 SECONDARY DATA;  Website  JOURNALS  Slide Shares

Data collection method ; Questionnaires (to find the best in our product)

Population ; Housewives and neighbourhood (by giving samples)

Sample frame; University of Education Lahore (campus D-G-Khan)

FINDINGS AND OBSERVATIONS;  We have found that in our research most of the people are using powder detergents and they are aware of it directly and indirectly. So we prepared powdered detergent.  We have found that most of the respondent want to buy our product because of its odour, accessibility and low price range.

 We have found that some people prefer the same brand that they are using right now.  Only a few people did not get a response after using our product.  We have found that it is widely accepted at the domestic level.

CONCLUSION; Through this whole story, we came to know that detergent powder used by everyone on a daily or weekly basis. Through study showed that people used to prefer a brand of detergent for their clothes or the detergent which is available at the nearest place, the person of house or area. The detergent-like surf excels and Ariel which is the most successful brand in the market because of they more focused on advertising and marketing of the product via TV, radio, newspaper etc. So they become the market leader of detergent powder nowadays. After all these studies we concluded that our detergent should also need marketing, advertising, publicity. In orders to all these, we launched our product first at the university level and domestic level and then brought it to social media properly given a name to thedetergent introduce it to an international level through social networking sites. Detergent is demanded in both rural and urban areas. The consumers of D-G-Khan area and nearby purchase detergent for monthly use, which depend upon gentle washing of stains. Our detergent is made to fulfil and meet the needs of every class of people without any distinctions. So, we conclude that after doing this project we are on the high repute of beginning successfully.

Bibliography; Some data collection on writing the research project is    

A report on detergent Study website Wikipedia International journal of advanced scientific research and development

Recourses;  

Self-employed Self-purchased

Opportunity by; Sir Bilal Khan

Time allocation;

University timings 1 P.M-3 P.M Extended timings 11 A.M-5:30 P.M

Health and safety measures; Use of gloves Masks Goggles Lab coat Because the reaction is highly exothermic in nature.

Budget; 15,000