A Lesson Plan in Agricultural Crop Production – ABF

A Lesson Plan in Agricultural Crop Production - ABF
  • A Lesson Plan in Agricultural Crop Production – ABF

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A Lesson Plan in Agricultural Crop Production

Grade 7 Section Time: 3:00 – 4:00 Area: TLE – Grade 7 Agriculture and Crop Production Content Standard: Farm tools Safety practice in using farm tools and equipment Competency code: L01 I – Objective: 1. Identify the tools to be used in soil preparation for planting, 2. Demonstrate ability knowledge in soil preparation and planting, 3. Appreciate the importance of planting variety of seeds/vegetables/root crops for human consumption. II – Subject Matter Select and Use Farm Tools and Planting Seeds Reference: TLE – 1 Textbook page… III – Procedure A. Review How can a gardener or a farmer determine whether his particular seeds will germinate or not? B. Checking/Follow-up of Assignment and Garden Project C. Lesson Proper: 1. Motivation/Preparation After a gardener or a farmer has secured and tested his seed, what is his next activity? 2. Lecture Discussion:  Discuss and Describe: Clearing, plowing, harrowing. What tools are used to these soil preparation activities?  Describe a method for determining when soil has reached a workplace condition.  Cite and explain the factor that determine the rate depth and distance of planting seeds.  Explain the two method of planting seeds. 3. Study of charts/circular response Show a chart  When is the best time to plant crops like onions, squash, sweet corn, etc.?  How long will each crop/plant take to mature? (what plant are best time to plant during dry, wet, or dry and wet season?)  What crop/plant can be propagated by means of direct seeding, transplanting or asexual method?  What are the suggested seeding rate, depth of sowing and distance of planting between hills for certain crops? 4. Planning for class activity Discuss requirement, including schedule for demonstration or observation of:

a. Method of soil preparation b. Method of planting seeds Students will be required to prepare a report of observations, as activity output. D. Seatwork 1. List the purposes of clearing, plowing, harrowing. 2. State the advantages of observing proper rate, depth and distance of planting seeds. 3. Outline the factors that determine proper rate, depth and distance of planting seeds. E. Generalization Proper soil preparation and seed planting are two of the important factor in successful vegetable and the field crop production. Soil preparation entails clearing, plowing and harrowing. In planting seeds, proper rate, depth and distance of direct seedling or transplanting should be observed. (State factor that affect: a. rate b. depth c. distance of planting) IV – Evaluation Check seatwork

Checked by:

ALMA D. PLAZA School Head

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Gulayan sa Paaralan Committee  Area Preparation by Plot Chairman: Vice Chairman:

Marilou Genabe Andy Crabajales

 Watering of Plants Chairman: Vice Chairman:

Jason Anim Harjay Suhian

 Cleaning Maintenance Chairman: Vice Chairman:

John Paul De La Rosa Khylle Rosende

July 18, 2019

To: All Class Advisers Please check the cleanliness and maintenance of your garden or area tomorrow in preparation for the coming evaluation – July 22, 2019. Let your students bring sharp or dull bolos, potted plants, bamboo and stick wood” usok” to be used in the garden and in the ground cleaning. I hope for your cooperation for a successful purpose. Thank you very much.

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ALMA D. PLAZA School Head