04.lra Circular No.27 2011

04.lra Circular No.27 2011
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LRA CIRCULAR NO.27 2011 SUBJECT: IMPLEMENTATION OF THE LRA VOLUNTARY TITLE STANDARDIZATION PROGRAM FOR THE CONVERSION OF MANUALLY-ISSUED TITTLES INTO ELECTRONIC CERTIFICATES OF TITLE UPON REQUEST OF THE REGISTERED OWNER OR OTHER CLIENT REPRESENTING THE REGISTERED OWNER, OR HIS/HER INTEREST THEREOF. WHEREAS, The land Registration Authority (“LRA”) is implementing the Land Titling Computerization Project (“LTCP” of the “Project”), which among others, seeks to maintain on-line information on the titles that is current, completed and accurate, maintain the security and integrity of records by safeguarding these from tampering or destruction and deter substitution or insertion of questionable data; ensure the integrity of the land titling registration system by moving from a largely paper-based to a large paperless system; protect land titles from loss due to fire, theft, natural disasters and the normal ravages of time, and implement more reliable and predictable land registration procedures.

WHEREAS, a computerized system has been designed, developed, and implemented to ensure the LRA and its Registries of Deeds (“RD” or “RDs”) are able to fulfil the objectives of the Project. WHEREAS, to further ensure that the objectives of the Project are met, a voluntary Title Standardization Program( the “Program”) was approved by this Authority, whereby manually-issued Certificates of Title shall be deactivated, and in lieu thereof, using the Computerized System, Electronic Certificates of Title (“eTitle”) shall be issued by RDs. WHEREAS, the Program offers the following benefits to the public, to wit1) it shall further ensure faster processing of transactions, as RD personnel do not need to retrieve the physical original copies of the certificates of title subject of transaction;(ii) It shall protect original copies of the title form loss by storing this in its electronic original from, which are regularly backed-up as owners shall no longer go through the expensive and tedious process of reconstitution; and (iii) it shall ensure clearer Certified True Copies as compared to Certified True Copies issued on scanned images of the manually-issued certificates of title;

WHEREFORE, premises considered, LRA shall allow the conversion of manually-issued certificates of title into certificates that are issued by the Computerized System, upon request of the registered owner or other client representing the registered owner, or his/her interest thereof, as follows: Section 1. The Program shall be formally called “LRA” Voluntary Title Standardization Program”. Section 2. The following documents shall be required for Voluntary Standardization.


A verified Petition for Voluntary Standardization of Certificate of Title, duly signed by the registered owner/co-owners or their duly authorized representative/s. The Petition may cover several Certificates of Title in the name of the registered owner/co-owner within the same jurisdiction and shall specify the Certificate of Title subject of the Petition. A pro-form Verified Petition shall be provided in the Official LRA website (i.e, www.lra.gov.ph)

b. Copy of a valid Government –issued Identification Card (i.e.Driver’s License, GSIS, SSS, HMDF, Philhealth, Passport, Postal ID) of the presentor; c.

In case the registered owner is represented by an agent, be it a natural person or a judicial one, a duly notarized Special Power of Attorney (SPA) specifically authorizing the representative to file the herein petition for and on behalf of the registered owner(s). If the SPA was executed outside of the Philippines, the document shall be attested to by the appropriated Consular Office. A pro-forma SPA shall be provided in the official LRA website.


In case the registered owner is a juridical entity, a duly notarized Secretary’s Certificate of Board Resolution appointing and authorizing a representative to file subject Petition with the Registry of Deeds; and


The Owner’s Duplicate of the Certificate of Title, and all issued Co-owners Duplicate of the Certificate of Title, as the case may be.

Section 3. The following rules shall apply: a.

The Program shall be in line with previously approved and published Implementing Guidelines issued in relation to the LTCP;

b. The Program shall be voluntary in nature;


The Program shall only be available for Cerficates of Title that have undergone the data conversion process, and are already in the database.


The eTitle resulting from this Program shall, in all respect, contain exact information as that of the manually-issued Title, and in no case shall there be an amendment of any kind on any of the entries thereon.


The Owner’s Duplicate of the Certificate of Title, and all issued Co-owners Duplicated of the Certificate of Title, as the case may be, shall be surrendered to the Registry; and


Once the Certificates of Title has undergone this Program, is shall be deemed as deactivated and all succeeding transactions shall be registered on the basis of the resulting eTitle.

Section 4 – The Voluntary Standardization procedure shall be as follows; a.

The client shall submit to the Registry concerned the verified Petition together with the Owner’s Duplicate Certificate of Title and all Co-owners Duplicate Certificate of Title, as the case may be, and such other required documents’ enumerated in Section 2 hereof. All basic information from documents received supporting the transaction shall be entered into the Electronic Primary Entry Book for Registered Land (“EPEBRL). The date, hour and minute of reception of all such documents, in the order in which they were received, shall then be noted on the main documents(s). The transaction shall be automatically assigned an entry number as its control or reference number.


The corresponding fees shall be automatically computed by the system and the corresponding receipt generated upon payment thereof. In default of payment, the entry made in the EPEB-RL shall be rendered of no force and effect. The ap-

plicable fees, as circularized and published shall be as follows. LRA FEES 1.Entry Fee 2.Registration Fee

P.30.00 per entry P30.00 for the Verified Petetion; P120.00 for the SPA; P120.00 for the Secretary’s Certificate or Board Resolution 3.Issuance of Certificate of Ti- P60.00 per title issued tle Fee 4.Issuance of Additional Copy P60.00 for the first pate of Certificate of Title Fee P30.00 for each subsequent page 5.AnnotationFee P30.00 per annotation 6.Judical Form Fee P30.00 per title issued IT Service Fees ( subject to value-added tax) 1.Service fee for Registration P344.98 per deed/instrument of Deeds processed for registration, including, but not limited to supporting documents that are indispensable to the registration of the main document 2. Service fee for Issuance of P215.58 per title issued Certificate of Title c.

All pertinent data on the manually-issued Title shall be encoded and the corresponding annotation shall be made using the format and templates provided in the Computerized System, except for annotation already existing in the manuallyissued Title, which shall be copied en toto on the resulting eTitle.

d. The encoded electronic data, as well as the pertinent documents shall then be examined by the Registration Examiner.

If the documents received are complete, the findings of the Registration Examiner shall be transmitted to the approving authority.

Subject: Circular on the Voluntary Standardization of Certificate of Title. e.